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Try all four of our flavors with our Virgin Box! - Only SEK 99 (value SEK 224)

I love the taste! Feels so fresh in the mouth, perfect instead of party smoking so you don't have to go out and can enjoy a glass at the same time. And the box is insanely beautiful!

Stockholm, Sweden

I LOVE the box! It's so pretty that I can't be bothered to have it in front of me anymore. My obvious choice when I go out for a drink, a coffee or anything really.

Stockholm, Sweden

I like the taste very much! Also like that it is a little more moist so you really feel the taste, the other nicotine snuffs can be a little dry.

Stockholm, Sweden

NO BUT PLEASE, this is hands down the absolute best snus I've ever tasted. It flows heavenly well and not too much. It is sweet and tasty. The box is perfection. THOUSAND THANKS. You are worth gold. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best snuff on the market. Looking forward to trying other flavors.


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