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Shipping and delivery

Within Sweden, you can count on 1-3 delivery days directly to your mailbox. Outside of Sweden, they can vary, but usually you will have your package within 5 working days.

If you shop for over SEK 200, they are free shipping, otherwise the cheapest costs SEK 29 within Sweden. Shipping to other countries varies, within the EU they cost SEK 99, Norway SEK 199, Switzerland SEK 99, UK SEK 99.

We ship throughout the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.


Kelly White is a completely tobacco-free snus that only contains nicotine. They can also be called nicotine pouches.

Tobacco-free snus is often called white snus, precisely because the brown color that comes from the tobacco disappears as they are completely tobacco-free and all snuff bags are completely white.

All our snus varieties are of a slim design, which means that they are not as big as the usual snus and therefore not as visible under the lip. Many also think that it lays down more comfortably.

Our sparkling box Sparkling Kelly is available to buy in our webshop under the name Sparkling Kelly.