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Shipping and delivery

Within Sweden, you can count on 1-3 delivery days to get your white nicotine snus directly to your mailbox.

We have free shipping on all our snus within Sweden.

About the Product

Our tobacco-free snus is a white snus that contains only nicotine. They can also be called nicotine pouches.

Tobacco-free snus is often called white snus, precisely because the brown color that comes from the tobacco disappears and all snus bags are completely white.

All our snus varieties have a slim design, which means that they are not as big as the usual snus and therefore not as visible under the lip. Many also think that it lays down more comfortably.

Kelly White currently has four different flavors in different strengths, from 1/4 to 3/4 strength. All flavors are white snus, i.e. tobacco-free nicotine snus in all-white pills. Our flavors today are sparkling strawberry, sweet peach, sweet mint and cool mint. Two slightly fruitier snus flavors and two slightly fresher.

If there is something wrong with the snus, you should of course get a new box. Send us a picture of the box at and describe what is wrong, and we will send a new box as soon as possible.